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Do you want to use clay paving bricks for your driveway or garden path? We guarantee that our collection will include different types of baked clay paving bricks that will appeal to you. In addition to driveways and garden paths, clay paving bricks are also extremely suitable for streets, footpaths and parking places. Visit our demo garden and see our range in clay paving bricks.

Clay paving bricks for every building style

Clay paving bricks can be supplied in different colours, but most have a red, brown or black hue. You also, of course, have special colours such as a mix or a purple tint. As is the case with the colour, you can also select the finish: sand faced or not. You can also select a clay paving brick that has not been tumbled for a modern home. If you decide to use a more traditional style, select a tumbled finish.


The many advantages of true Dutch clay paving bricks!

Clay paving bricks are baked in the mass and, therefore, very durable and colourfast. There is little chance of moss growth or bricks becoming green because of their low porosity level. You can find a suitable paving brick for every building style because they are available in different colours and sizes. Clay paving bricks are, moreover, aftercare friendly and indestructible!

Clay paving bricks can be supplied in different colours, but most have a red, brown or black hue.
A driveway and garden paths in mauve clay paving bricks
Clay paving bricks have already been used for public roads and various driveways for many years and have, therefore, proven their durability.
‘Winton’ clay paving bricks for a driveway and front garden

Laying clay paving bricks professionally

Would you like to lay clay paving bricks? This requires the necessary knowledge and experience. This is why Nijst Natuursteen offers a professional laying service. Our experienced pavers will lay the clay paving bricks carefully. Visit our showroom and we will be delighted to give you more information about the different possibilities of clay paving bricks. 


If you want to lay the clay paving bricks yourself, ensure there are stable foundations. You must also use white sand to brush in several times once the clay paving bricks are laid to ensure stability. Visit our laying tips page for more advice.

Clay paving bricks for your driveway, a lifetime investment

Regardless of the colour or finish that you choose for your clay paving bricks, they are indestructible and give added value to your home. Visit our demo garden and our employees will assist you professionally in finding the perfect clay paving brick!


paving bricks paving brick driveway garden paths
paving bricks paving brick driveway garden paths

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paving bricks paving brick driveway garden paths

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paving bricks paving brick driveway garden paths
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