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Enhance your driveway, garden path or terrace with a few beautiful paving setts. We guarantee that our collection will include different types of paving setts that will appeal to you. In addition to providing a finish for residences, paving setts are also suitable for laying down streets, footpaths and car park surfaces. Here is an introduction to our collection!

A choice of different types of paving setts

At Nijst Natuursteen, we import quality natural stone from all over the world. Portuguese granite, Swedish paving setts of granite, Indian Kandla and Vietnamese basalt: you will find them all. To complete our collection, we have supplemented it with Belgian paving setts made of porphyry or sandstone. The Belgian paving setts usually involve recycled paving setts that are broken down only to be relaid again later. Take a look at the different types of paving setts and select the stone most suitable for your project.

A choice of different types of paving setts.

Laying paving setts according to your preferences

Would you like to lay some paving setts? There are different possibilities with regard to look and finish. Our collection includes paving setts in various colours, such as light and dark grey, black, brown and red tints. You can also select the style (classic or modern). Would you like a smooth finish or would you prefer something less polished? Visit Nijst Natuursteen for paving setts. There is a wide selection with regard to finish and style and the final result will be satisfying!


Expert laying of paving setts

Laying paving setts requires some expertise and knowledge. This is why Nijst Natuursteen offers a professional laying service. Our experienced installers lay the paving setts quickly, expertly and carefully. You can choose from among many types of laying patterns: fan shapes, scales, shells, circles or squares. We would be delighted to give you more information about the different possibilities of laying paving setts.

In addition to providing a finish for residences, paving setts are also suitable for laying down streets, footpaths and car park surfaces.

Joining paving setts with Flowpoint

At Nijst Natuursteen we distribute and use a special, very durable, grout for paving setts: Flowpoint. There are many advantages to this leading product: it is abrasion resistant, no weeds can grow between it, no aftercare is required, it is not poisonous, there is no objectionable odour, and it offers maximum stability since the product seeps into the smallest cracks and there is maximum adherence to the paving setts. You can use Flowpoint, too, if you are laying paving setts, but we advise having our experienced installers do so for the perfect result. In any case, laying paving setts with Flowpoint is a very interesting choice!

Paving setts, a lifetime investment

Whether you select Belgian paving setts, Swedish paving setts or another type of paving setts: paving setts are indestructible and add value to your home. This makes it worth your while to lay your driveway, terrace or garden path with them. Nijst Natuursteen is at your disposal in your search for the ideal paving sett and its laying.


paving paving setts terrace basalt
paving paving setts terrace basalt

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paving paving setts terrace basalt

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paving paving setts terrace basalt
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